Critical environmental justice, social movements, Indigenous resurgence, settler-colonialism, identity, culture, emotions

Ongoing Research Projects

Irish Language, Culture, and Place Attachment

This study considers the way Irish language and culture practitioners think about identity and place. How do Irish citizens, members of the diaspora, and those who have neither heritage nor citizenship connections to Ireland become involved in Irish cultural practices? To what extent is that involvement bound to place? How do non-citizens experience / negotiate feelings of place attachment?

Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Environmentalism

This study looks at gender and sexuality diversity within environmentalism. This study is designed to deepen analyses of environmentalisms’ already acknowledged oppressive and liberatory capacities; promote additional understanding of how identity and culture function in social movements; contribute to discourses on gender, sexuality and environment; and potentially inspire environmental movements to integrate the concerns of LGBTQ+ people while addressing their unique vulnerabilities to environmental risk.

Emotions and Settler Solidarity with Indigenous-led Movements

This study focuses on the role of emotions in shaping solidarity participation and tactics. The research draws on participant observation and interviews with non-Indigenous identified participants in solidarity with Indigenous-led movements. Some of the products of this research can be read in Settler Colonial Studies .